Rotomolded Motoplast plastic products  
  With rotomolding, plastic parts can be molded economically in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of them difficult to produce by any other process. Rotational molding is a low-pressure process, and the strength required from the molds is minimal. This results in its ability to produce large or complex parts with low cost molds, which can be manufactured
in few weeks.
The low processing pressure involved in rotational molding has the added advantage of producing parts which are relatively stress free, as compared to other high pressure processes. This advantage of the process is especially important when considering large, loadbearing parts in applications, which must provide shock- and tension-resistance above all in harsh winter conditions.
ElintarviketeollisuusFood industry
Components for heavy duty     vehicles        
Environmental care products
Products for military use

Meat handling containers

KemianteollisuusChemical industry
Make impossible possible with rotational molding.
Dangerous goods containers (IBC)
Light terracotta planters

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